How To Stay Overnight In Haneda Airport

You arrive at Haneda Airport at middle of the night, or your flight going home is very early in the morning and you know that first train is not early enough. If you are stuck in this situation, don't worry! Here we have prepared a guide to help you spend the night at Haneda Airport.
Airport Hotel
International Terminal, Royal Park Hotel The Haneda
Directly connected to the International Terminal 3rd Floor, Check-in counter ”J” area. Overnight stay costs 17,000 yen per person. Although you can’t afford to stay in rooms, you can also book a Refresh Lounge (TV, sofa, and shower) to freshen up. It costs you 2,000 yen an hour.

The hotel has a transit floor that is accessible only within the secure area of the terminal. Therefore, you can stay after checking-in your flight.
Domestic Terminal1, First Cabin
A budget capsule hotel located in Domestic Terminal1 on the Arrivals Floor 1F, with rooms that resemble airplane cabins. Rooms are one-person only. Rates are more reasonable and cost you 5,000 yen per night. If you need to get to the travel between terminals you can use a free shuttle bus which takes about 10min. However, the first bus departs at 5:00 am, and if your flight departs earlier than that, there are no transportations available. So please keep that in mind when you book.
Domestic Terminal2, Haneda Excel Hotel TOKYU
Located at Domestic Terminal 2, direct access from the departure lobby. Room rates per night start from 10,000 yen and go up. Since the hotel is located in Domestic Terminal, check departure time of your flight before you book. Again, the shuttle bus between the terminals starts at 5:00 am.
More Services, Facilities & Things To Do On A Layover At The Airport
Haneda Airport is open for 24 hours. So if you can’t afford to stay in hotels, why don’t you go to free resting areas in the terminal and get some rest. Here is a list of rest areas.
Arrival Lobby 2nd Floor
There are many chairs here. You can’t lie down, but still you can take a rest here.
Departure Lobby 3rd Floor
There are many chairs here. You can’t lie down, but still, you can take a rest here.
Edo-Koji 4th Floor
Shops and restaurants in Edo-koji close at 22:00. So you can lie down on a bench in the area and take a nap.
Nihonbashi 4th Floor
Under the Nihonbashi, there are many public benches. It’s a kind of hidden area, so if you don’t want to get disturbed, this is the place for you.
EDO HALL 5th Floor
Take an escalator from the 4th floor, and you will find EDO HALL. It’s a huge area and numbers of chairs are located for visitors. The best area is the right-hand side of the EDO HALL. It’s relatively quiet area, so you don’t get disturbed.
If you are worried about your luggage while you are asleep…
If you are concerned about your language or if you have too many of them, you can use temporary manned luggage storage or coin lockers both at the departure and arrival lobby.

There are two locations for coin lockers on the departure floor, on each side of the security gates. You pass them just before you enter the restrooms.

Coin lockers on the arrival floor (2F) is located on the left-hand side of the last corner. There is a signboard, so it's easy to find out.
24 hours manned luggage storage stations are also available both at the departure and arrival lobby (2nd and 3rd Floor).

One on the 2nd floor is next to the arrival exit, and the other one on the 3rd floor can be found next to check-in counter “J.” This location provides luggage wrapping services as well.
If you are starving…
While you are spending a night at Haneda Airport, you might get thirsty or hungry. Don't’ worry about it! There are some places open for 24 hours in the airport.
There is a convenience store called “AIR LAWSON” on the 1st floor. If you don’t want to spend much, this is the best option for you.
“TULLY’S COFFEE” is located on the 2nd floor, arrival lobby and they have a light meal.
If you go up to the 4th floor, you will have a variety of options.
Next to the escalator, there are Japanese-style cafe “ITOEN” and western-style cafe “CAFE CARDINAL.” The area is spacious, so you can relax there.
On the same floor, close to Nihonbashi, you can find three restaurants; “MOS CAFÉ (serve western-style food)”, “YOSHINOYA (serve Gyu-don which is a rice bowl with beef on the top)”, and “HANEDA-SHOKUDO (serve Japanese-style food) ”.
In addition to that, there is IZAKAYA ”SUGINOKO” where you can have drinks and light snacks.
Take a shower at the airport and freshen up yourself
As it is mentioned above, Royal Park Hotel has a Refresh lounge where you can take a shower. There is another place where you can refresh yourself. In the arrival lobby (2nd floor), there is a shower area next to TULLY’S COFFEE. You can rent one of fifteen shower cubicles for ¥1,030 per 30 minutes, per person, and ¥520 per additional 15 minutes.
Mobile phone is dying… need to charge?
There are many places you can charge your mobile devices. It is located near the rest areas on 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floors.