Japan Mastery Collection
《 Sakura - Cherry Blossom Season - 》

 Spring is just around the corner. Best season for cherry blossom viewing is coming as the weather gets warm.
At Haneda Airport, we are now hosting a limited time event featuring Sakura blossom.

 As the tradition of Hanami culture indicates, Sakura is deeply related with the life of Japanese people. You can find things,such as Kimono, Obi, accessories, tableware and so on, with design using Sakura as a motif everywhere in the city. Those lovely designs will definetely grab your heart.
especially in spring time.
<Introduction of participating companies and brands>
【Kyoto Marubeni Co., Ltd.】
 Kyoto Marubeni has been committed to Kimono business for over 160 years since Marubeni was founded in 1858. With the advantage of their wide network with Kimono manufacturers across the country, they have been engaged in the wholesale of selected high-quality Kimonos and accessories.
【Kakunodate DENSHIRO】
 DENSHIRO is the brand of Fujiki Denshiro Shoten Co. Ltd., which has been working on cherry bark ware craft for seven generations since they were founded in 1851. They produce elegant cherry bark wares with their exquisite skills cultivated in nearly 200 years of history.
【Tsugaru Vidro】
 Their beautiful handmade glasswares are inspired by the seasonal change of great nature in Aomori. Each of them is carefully created by artisans who are expertise in glassblowing technique which was originally used to make traditional glass fishing floats called "Ukidama”. You will be fascinated by the lovely shape and billiant colors of their works dedicated to depict the splendor of four seasons.
 Their mission is to enrich your everyday life with their ceramic artworks. They try to think over again the meaning of Japanese traditional culture and turn it into their works. SIONE's potteries express the spirit of Japanese culture and try to hand on the story of our long history to next genarations .
 The products of Jusengama are characterized by the crystalline glaze, which provides the pottery surface with delicate brilliance. The glaze and baking processs achieve this pattern of crystals which is reminiscent of blooming flowers. Distinctive beauty of their pottery can be created only with the exquisite skills and process special to Jusengama.
【design office YT】
 Design office YT has been commited to the projects that focus on the collaboration of fashion and traditional culture, while she also develops her original fashion brand “YUKI TAKASE” using the fabrics from Ishikawa prefecture. She focus on the fusion of Sakura and Kutaniyaki this time for the event. Please come and see the charming products that brighten up your daily life even more.
【Kimura & Co.】
 Sachiyo Kimura is a doll maker who creates original toys and dolls inspired by the folk toys all over the world. Her handmade toys and dolls with retro-modern touch bring back the memories of good all days, which make eveyone smile.
 HAKUCHIKUDO is a long established Kyo-sensu (folding fan) maker that can trace its history back to 1718. They have been trying to pass down their skills and tradion to next genaration ever since, while never stop making new challenges to meet the needs of times. Enjoy the collection of Kyo-sensu with both classical and modern designs.
 All the accesories are carefully handmade using the best quality porcelain from their home town Arita, which is famous for porcelain and pottery making. Their casual-chic accesories can be used daily, while also make you look stylish when you dress up for special scene.
【Kazariya Ryo】
 Kazariya Ryo is a showcase store of silver craftworks made by mainly young members of Chikueido, a metalworking studio with over 200 years of history. Their handmade silver craftworks enrich your everyday life as they get additional charm over time.
 Inden is a form of leather craft made by applying design patterns to deerskin using lacquer, with roots that can be traced back to Nara period. Deerskin is an excellent material that is soft, beautiful, and what is more, light, durable and breathable. Take a look at their fine craftworks that are both stylish and functional.
【Keita Kawasaki】
 Keita Kawasaki is one of the leading floral artist in Japan. His mission is to make everyone happy with the power of flowers. He pursues the charm of natural plants through his dynamic art installation as well as various products such as stationary and fabrics with design featuring flowers.
 Izumi Kan is a brand launched by the fragrance artist dedicated to revive the sense of smell which is an inherited asset of human being. Their studio is based in Awajishima Island and has strong commitment to create products from the extract of locally grown plants and flowers. In addition to the production of perfume and incense, they are involved in professional services of designing scent for particular space and products.
 Pagong is a brand that combines Western modernity with Japanese tradition. It is runned by Kamedatomi Co. Ltd., which has been engaged in Kyo-Yuzen fabric dyeing for more than 90 years. Taking this advantage, they started to produce unique design Aloha shirts with their original kimono fabric patterns, which became a big hit. “Pagong”, which means sea turtle in Tagalog, is said to bring good luck. Their mission is to spread the the spirit and charm of Kyo-Yuzen and Japanese culture world-wide.