Japan Treasures Project
“Ethical & Sustainable lifestyle– Love yourself with organic products”

 Haneda Airport is now holding a limited-time event in collaboration with “Japan Treasures Project” supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI).

 “Japan Treasures Project” is initiated to introduce hidden high-quality products made in Japan to the world and support local economy across the country. Organic skin care & hair products as well as variety of eco-friendly fashion accessories are sold in the event.

 Producers aim to promote the sustainable system of manufacturing by protecting the great nature and using the natural ingredients procured from rich nature throughout Japan. It will be our great pleasure to welcome you to this event and share their message.
◆Date: February 1, 2020 (Sat.) – February 29, 2020 (Sat.)
◆Time: 7:00 – 23:00
◆Venue: Haneda Airport International Terminal, Airside area
< “B by E Corporation” and their brands>
 Three major brands owned by “B by E Corporation” take part in this event. Their corporate philosophy is “Keep both your mind and body healthy through well-balanced lifestyle”. The company promotes natural eco-friendly life through their organic products. They are trying to discover and make use of lesser-known resources in Japan to produce their products, which may lead to the revitalization of agriculture and local economies. Their mission is to create a system that both consumers and producers can be happy.
 Their hair products are eco-friendly and gentle to skin so that people of all generations can use it nice and safe. They offer hair products such as shampoo and hair treatment, as well as scalp-care products for anti-aging. They are particular about using only natural ingredients for their products and make people shine from inside with blessing of plants.
 Products launched from their Remedial line use selected ingredients to bring out best quality and excellent aroma. Hair milk using best-quality Tsubaki oil from Kakara Island in Saga prefecture which has been known as “Island of Tsubaki” is one of the recommended products.
【NEROLILA Botanica】
 A famous make-up artist Ms.Kazuko Hayasaka who is an expert of organic cosmetics & aroma and the lifestyle shop “Sincere Garden” collaborated to launch this skin care brand. Under the slogan “Love Myself”, they produce skin care products using selected natural ingredients only such as organic botanical extracts and minerals extracted from sea mud.
 With the blessing of mother nature, you can feel your mind and body getting recovered and well-balanced. Comfort yourself with nature’s blessings and save it to the next generation.
 MAMA BUTTER was developed as a skin care product gentle to sensitive skin of babies and expectant mothers. It was also designed to moisturize dry and vulnerable skin of adults and solve the aging skin problems.
 It is of high quality using natural shea butter as a main ingredient while setting the price to be affordable so that everyone can use it continuously to spend their life comfortably.
 Shea butter is made from Shea tree nuts growing across Africa below the equator. It has a long history being used to protect people in those area from skin damage caused by strong sunshine and dry weather. It can be used for cooking or applied directly on skin as medicine too. The natural ingredient gentle to skin will help to keep your skin nice and smooth.

<Global Fashion Brand -“KEITA MARUYAMA”>
 Keita Maruyama is a famous Japanese fashion designer known for his unique design with beautiful embroidery work and vivid colors. His shop “Maruyamatei – Maision de Maruyama” located in Aoyama is full of stylish items including clothes, accessories, tableware, furniture and more.
 We have variety of products to comfort you which is also gentle to environment.
 Please drop by and take a look when you have spare time in Haneda Airport.