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《"Toyooka Bag”-A new challenge from Toyooka, a town with a 1,000-year tradition》

At Haneda Airport, a limited-time event was held to introduce the attractiveness of “Toyooka Bag” as part of the regional revitalization and regional activation project in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

“Toyooka Bag” is a regional unified brand that was launched under the concept of “For consumers to feel reassured in using our superior bags, which are the result of our long history of manufacture and craftsmanship nurtured in Toyooka”. Only the products made by certified member companies of Hyōgo Prefecture Bag Industry Association, that meet the strict standards of design, specifications, materials, parts, sewing, etc. can be named as “Toyooka Bag”.

From Toyooka City, Hyōgo Prefecture, which is a production area of bags that accounts for 80% of the nation’s production, selected 9 companies with prominent technologies pursuing new developments in bag production participated. We wish our guests enjoyed this event to discover the new charm of Toyooka Bag that is both functional and stylish..
◆ Date: January 11, 2020 (Saturday) - January 31, 2020 (Friday)
◆ Time: 7: 00 - 23: 00
◆ Venue: Haneda Airport International Terminal, Airside Area

*Event finished
<Introduction of Participating Companies>
【Adachi Co., Ltd.】
Adachi Co., Ltd., who has been a wholesaler of bag-making materials for more than 70 years, is taking maximum advantage of the know-how it has cultivated over the years to provide a range of services. The company’s own brand “ALBAPIE” is a coined word made from Italian and Spanish meaning “starting a bright future”. Reflecting the philosophy of providing dreams and joy through bags, they have a variety of bags that will make you feel excited just by holding them. At first glance it is a gem filled with a wealth of ideas that are easy to use.
【Kiwada Masaaki Shoten Co., Ltd.】
Based on the philosophy of “offering the peace of mind and joy of ownership to the customers”, a professional group of bag-making conducts quality control through in-house integrated production system being responsible for all processes from planning to inspection. The experience of skilled craftsmen and the passion of young craftsmen from across the country support their manufacturing.
While choosing materials with flexible ideas according to the purpose and design, a wide variety of product series are developed such as “CRAFTSMANSHIP” which values the simple basics of “durable and long-lasting”, and “TUTUMU” which is committed to fashionable yet functional products using selected materials.
【Thymebucks Co., Ltd.】
The concept is “Simple, yet unique. Making bags that its owners wish to keep forever.” They offer bags that are both stylish and practical by using leather and fabrics with a unique texture.
The Elder series, which combines high-quality Italian leather with durable cotton twill, and the Caldo series, which combines with cotton tweed are created by a female bag designer. Their simple and elegant collections are one of the most popular products. Their products are also eco-friendly that go through the process of selecting excellent fabrics with detailed techniques gentle to environment.
【Endo Luggage Co., Ltd. - KAGEN -】
Endo Luggage was founded in 1824, having a hand in that history for over 190 years. Based on tradition, they are proud and committed to achieving a high level of quality, design and service. They aim to develop bags that can be used for a long period of time and provide a sense of security and enjoyment.
At Kagen, a bag workshop opened in 2013, they have a strong commitment to “和 (wa; Japanese style)” and are challenging to create new bags with the craftsmanship that makes use of tradition.
The name “Artphere”, which combines “Art” and “Atmosphere”, contains their wish for everyone to enjoy traveling, hobbies, work and life. Under the theme of “creating functions in a form”, their collection “FRAMEWORKS” incorporates modernistic touch combined with the traditional structure of the classic bag with clasp frame, while “STYLEWORKS” specially select materials and design that are matched with lifestyles and occasions. The company is committed to both function and design, and continues to create products that are not bound by the times and fashion that combine standards and trends.
【Yuri Corporation】
As the company’s slogan “Bag Innovation” indicates, they continue to take on new challenges under the corporate philosophy of “Be a creator, more than a manufacturer.” Yuri Corporation carefully expanding their horizons around the world to select the high-quality materials and introducing the most advanced equipment. Combining traditional craftsmanship that utilizes the goodness of materials with new production methods, they are working on innovative bag making. “Totem Re Vooo”, a high-quality brand that uses the finest genuine leather and pursues functional beauty, is filled with the passion of skilled craftsmen and young people who never stop challenging with new ideas.
【CONY Co., Ltd.】
The company has been committed to the whole process of creating products from planning to manufacturing, with the advantage of their wide network that spread out both in and out of Japan .
The factory brand “CREEZAN” launched in 2015 is named after the local mountain named “Kuriizan”, which is surrounded by the beautiful sea of clouds. Aiming to break away from stereotypes of manufacturing, they are always trying to think out of the box. CREEZAN’s simple designs make use of the character of the materials, and are brimming with their creators’ passion and skills.
【Hashimoto Co., Ltd.】
The original brand “ottorossi” launched in 2017 comes from the Tajima dialect “Ootrossi~” by converting the word into similar sounds in Italian. As the name implies, there are beautiful and surprising design bags that combine traditional techniques, new technologies, and rich ideas. Many of their bags are created by the free and flexible collaboration of craftsmen and designers. The beautiful form that is particular about the details shines while being simple, and the rich colour variations are part of its attractiveness.
【Masumi Hono Co., Ltd.】
Established in 1916, the company manufactured “box-type case” for the first time in Toyooka, and they have a proven track record in manufacturing business-use bags and aluminium cases with excellent convenience and durability. The attitude to continue making “the real best quality” bags without being washed away by the times is still being passed down to products such as leather attaché cases and trunks that represent the company. There are many persistent fans who choose Masumi's bags as “lifelong items”, and the spirit of craftsmen is transmitted through manufacturing the invisible parts that takes time and effort.