Flight Simulator Experience in LUXURY FLIGHT
- Interesting? Exciting!

 The previous article introduced the details of the process about LUXURY FLIGHT. Today, I came to the LUXURY FLIGHT Head Office to try out the experience of the flight simulator as a pilot.

 It is important to take note that you should make a reservation in advance to participate in the experience. You can book by both email and telephone, but when you want to visit on the same day or the next day, please call directly to the office for booking. Choose the course from following three options (BOEING 737, 747, BARON G58 total of 3 models with different duration of course), and head toward the LUXURY FLIGHT Head Office after your reservation has been completed.
 Please don’t get confused! This is the entrance of LUXURY FLIGHT Haneda Head Office. The LUXURY FLIGHT is on the first floor of the residential apartment. The store sign might not be easy to find out. If you would not pay close attention, you might miss out the sign easily.
 After entering the store, you may feel as if you were a customer in the flight cabin while waiting for the registration procedure. Every corner from the luggage rack to the seats are built exactly the same as those of the Boeing airplane. The scenery outside the window keeps changing to make you feel as if you are really in the air. It is one of the attractions for taking photos, so don't forget to take some pictures for your memories.
 In addition, the store sells a wide variety of airplane related goods. There are typical items such as model airplanes and T-shirts to small fancy items such as airplane keychains and mobile phone chains. As a fan of airplane, you definitely can’t miss out these signature products.
Once the procedure is completed, the experience will begin right after you go into the flight simulator cockpit.
 Although it is just a simulator experience, everything in the flight simulator cockpit looks so real. It gives a visual effect to achieve a realistic experience. You don’t need to worry whether you are a beginner who have no experiences or a passenger who have no knowledge about airplanes. Professional operators who will guide you throughout the experience are expert pilots or former flight inspectors. If you are planning to work as a pilot in the future, you can come here for practice or to ask for any advice from the professionals.
 I participated in the Boeing 737 course for 15 minutes flight, taking off from Haneda Airport → Sky Tree → Imperial Palace → Tokyo Bay → Landing. I was so nervous when I first sat on the main pilot's seat that my body got stiff and my hands were holding the steering wheel so hard. I felt a little bit better when the operators came and accompanied me, and what I need to do was just follow the operators’ instructions. The operators led me on every single step from starting the engine, pull, turn, apply the brakes, and as the airplane flew up to certain height, you can see the entire city of Tokyo (special vision presentation). At last, I landed safe and the 15-minute trip ended very smoothly! I was praised for my superb sense of balance who have a potential to become a pilot!
 Don't rush home after you finish the flight course. There is a place for photo taking. In the corner of the aisle, there are captain's uniforms hanging on the rack which you can put it on to take photos. It might be interesting to take photos wearing a pilot’s uniform after the experience, but if you change into pilot’s uniform to fly the plane during the experience, it would look more formal and make you feel even more excited.
 As for fans of the airplane, the airplane model shown here is a chance not to be missed for photo taking.
 My first flight experience ended so quickly while I felt everything was so interesting and exciting throughout the whole process of flying the airplane. Obviously, the 15 minutes course was not long enough to make me feel satisfied. If you get the chance, please try out the 30 minutes course or the 60 minutes course. Anyone who wish to experience, kindly click on the official website below to check it out!

Shop details
Haneda Head Office:Tokyo, Ota City, Haneda, 5-11-1 Kokuko Building Haneda, 1st Floor
Operation Hours:10:00~20:00
Closure day:Every Monday
Contact Number:03-6423-7371
4 minutes walk from Keikyu Airport Line Anamori-Inari Station
6 minutes walk from Keikyu Airport Line or Tokyo Monorail Tenkubashi Station
Note)Exit from Keikyu A2 Exit will be the most convenient. If you arrive by monorail, turn left after you go out the ticket gate, walk downward into Keikyu A1 Exit, then walk along the underground passages to to reach A2 Exit .