You can buy duty-free goods in Ginza before flying home!
Enjoy duty-free shopping leisurely at Japan Duty Free GINZA!

The number of tourists from all over the world to Japan has reached 30 million for the first time in 2018 and is expected to exceed 35 million in 2020, the year Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games will be held.
It’s always exciting to visit new places and see or do something you’ve never known. Aside from the exciting feel we get from traveling overseas, one of the things we look forward to is duty-free shopping. However, chances are that you may get caught in a traffic jam or departure procedures may take time due to strict security check, resulting in arriving at the boarding gate just before the departure time. Then there is a possibility that you may not be able to shop leisurely.

But do you know that there are some duty-free stores in the town called “airport-style downtown duty-free store” where even people residing in Japan can shop duty-free? Let’s find out more about that
Duty free shopping, one of our favorite things to do when traveling abroad
What does duty-free mean?
Lately we often see “Tax Free” signs at drugstores or appliance stores in the town. It means the consumption tax on goods sold is exempted, as the term suggests.
Now, when we talk about “Duty Free”, not only the consumption tax but also custom duty and some other internal taxes for certain items such as tobacco and liquor would be exempted, which means that duty free shopping is surely a great deal.
However, as you know, duty free stores are usually located in the airport after customs and you can rarely find it in the town. But actually there are some in-town airport style duty free stores that you should know!
What is an airport-style downtown duty-free store?
It is a Duty Free store located in the town. Purchased items can be picked up at the Duty Free Pick Up counter at the airports after you pass through the immigration. This service allows travelers to shop leisurely without worrying about the flight time, get to the airport without carrying all the purchased items, and travel lightly with ease. However, one must know that the number, size, and weight of carry-on baggage allowed differ from airline to airline, and you may not be able to take everything with you if you purchase excessively. Additionally, it would be more reassuring if you check regulations for carry-on baggage in stopover countries in advance when transferring flights. There is no need for this if you are taking a direct flight.
Although many tend to think that only tourists from abroad can shop at airport-style downtown duty-free store, actually it is available for residents in Japan as well when they are scheduled to go overseas.
Where can we find airport-style downtown duty-free stores?
Don’t you wonder where such convenient airport-style downtown duty-free stores are located? For the time being, there are actually three such stores in Tokyo.
1. Japan Duty Free GINZA in Ginza, Tokyo
2. Lotte Duty Free Tokyo Ginza Store at Tokyu Plaza Ginza in Tokyo
3. SHILLA&ANA at Shinjuku Takashimaya in Tokyo

These three stores are easily accessible, two of which are in Ginza, Tokyo. There is no need to worry about the language barrier as these duty-free stores are staffed with Chinese-speaking clerks. The great things about these places are that you can try cosmetic products and they provide excellent customer service. Recommended for those who do not want to join a long line at duty-free shops at airports or be rushed when shopping.
Japan Duty Free GINZA
Among the three stores, this time we are featuring Japan Duty Free GINZA! It is easily accessible, on the 8th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi, which is located at Ginza 4-chome intersection. At another corner of the intersection, you can see the landmark building of Ginza WAKO with a clock tower.

Here is how you can shop at Japan Duty Free GINZA!
How to Shop
・Have necessary documents ready
Passport and a document that proves you are leaving Japan, such as an airplane ticket. If you do not have an airplane ticket, bring other proof with which they can confirm the boarding date and the flight number, such as an e-ticket or an itinerary.
・Shopping Period
From a month in advance to the day before the departure date (until 8:00pm).
* Please note that the shopping period is until two days before the departure date for flights leaving between 12:00am and 5:59am from Haneda Airport.
・How to Shop
1. Get your receipt holder issued at the reception counter
Present an airplane ticket or other documents that prove you are departing Japan to have information such as your passport number and flight number registered in advance.
2. Enjoy shopping
3. Checkout
Present the receipt holder issued when making a payment. An export confirmation (receipt) will be issued. Be sure to hold on to it.
4. Pick up purchased items
After completing departure procedures at Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, present your passport, boarding pass, and export confirmation to pick up your purchased items at Duty Free Pick Up counter.
・List of brands
An extensive list of brands is available at Japan Duty Free Ginza, ranging from cosmetics and perfumes to luxury jewelry brands. The store is open to everyone. If your fiance/fiancee is going abroad on business, you can visit the store together and purchase an engagement ring!

Cosmetics & Perfumes
* As of August, 2019
The top 3 recommended items at Japan Duty Free Ginza
With over 100 kinds of merchandise available at Japan Duty Free Ginza, you may have difficulty in choosing what to get at first. Here are the top 3 recommended items! As a side note, you’ll have an even better deal if you purchase with the affiliated credit card as you get discounts and special offers.
No. 3 Cigarettes and Sake 
The word is that most cigarettes can be purchased at duty-free stores at airports, but popular sake are often out of stock. It would be regrettable if you miss the chance to purchase sake after coming all the way to Japan. But sake you wish to purchase are readily available at airport-style downtown duty-free stores as they offer an array of merchandise. Moreover, you won’t have to carry them to the airport. You can pick up the goods you bought at the airport.
No. 2 Limited items only available at duty-free stores
The advantage of purchasing at duty-free stores is that you can buy goods in lower price. On top of that, you may even receive a give-away gift depending on the amount you purchase. What is more, Japan Duty Free GINZA in Tokyo sometimes sells limited items that can only be purchased there. You’d better not miss the chance to get limited items on a special offer.
No.1 Brand cosmetics that are rarely discounted
At duty-free stores, brand cosmetics that are rarely discounted at department stores and on online shops can be purchased at a special price. Prices of brand cosmetics such as Chanel, THREE, and Albion would be 30 to 40 percent off at the most when consumption tax and customs duties are exempted. Definitely a good buy.
・Address: Ginza Mitsukoshi 8F, 4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
・Hours: 10:30am - 8:00pm Hours may change on special occasions such as year-end and new year’s holidays. (The same as hours of Ginza Mitsukoshi)
・Phone: 03-5159-3400
・Payment methods: cash (Japanese yen only), credit cards, China Union Pay card, e-money (Alipay, WeChat Pay)
-5 min. walk from “Ginza Station” on Tokyo Metro Ginza/Marunouchi/Hibiya Lines
and “Ginza-itchome Station” (exit #9) on Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
-5 min. walk from “Higashi-ginza Station” on Toei Asakusa Line and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
-9 min. walk from JR “Yurakucho Station” (Central Exit/Ginza Exit)
You can shop at airport-style downtown duty-free store from a month in advance to the day before the departure date. Be sure to check the regulations for carry-on baggage. As baggage regulations differ from airline to airline, it would be safe to check the number, weight, and size of carry-on baggage allowed. Tourists from abroad as well as those of you who are residing in Japan, enjoy shopping at airport-style downtown duty-free store before traveling abroad!