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Best Cosmetics for Summer

Summer is coming soon! Wearing makeup during summer time can be more of a chore than an enjoyment. Even though you have touch up your make up several times, it might not be fixed well.

So this time, we will introduce the best Japanese summer cosmetics to you, especially for those who are office workers.

Ms. Lin and Ms. Chen have been staying in Japan for more than 10 years and working in Japanese company for 6 years. They will be introducing the best summer cosmetics to you.
【Ms. Chen】 It’s getting hotter these days. Right?
【Ms. Lin】 Yes! You are right. It's getting more humid so I feel even hotter especially on the packed train. I am sweating all over my body.
【Ms. Chen】 So do I! Even though I take up more time to do my makeup, whenever I get to the office, I find my makeup melting and smeared. It really ruins my mood of the day.
【Ms. Lin】 I understand. The air conditioner is on all the while in the office and you can feel your skin get dehydrated. However, you can’t just keep on fixing your makeup.
【Ms. Chen】 I know! But I really can’t stand seeing my melting makeup and smeared eyeliner in the mirror.
【Ms. Lin】 I have a very serious skin dehydrated problem. I keep trying different brand of face mist these days, and finally I found the one that best suits me!
【Ms. Chen】 That’s good! For me, I have a problem of choosing the right lipsticks. My lipstick comes off when drinking or chatting with friends and they always say I look so pale.
【Ms. Lin】 Yeah! I know. It is not about just choosing the right colour, it is much more difficult to choose the right one that suit your skin condition and skin colour.
【Ms. Chen】 That’s why I am trying out so many different kind of lipstick. And finally I found the one that is perfect for working time. This is the one that I am using now, how is it?
【Ms. Lin】 Oh? No wonder your lips look so moisturized today, because you are using the new one.
【Ms. Chen】 Not bad, Right? I am actually very interested about the face mist that you are using. Now is the right time, please give me some advice so I could get one too.
【Ms. Lin】 Ok! Then please show me the lipstick you are using too.  
【Ms. Chen】 No problem! Besides lipstick, I will introduce 5 best cosmetics to use indoors during summer time.
1.KOSE SEKKISEI “White UV Emulsion”: Use it as a makeup base.
★ Consumer review: It is perfect as a makeup base! Taking care of your skin before makeup is important, and not only that, it is much more important to maintain your good skin condition for long term. This emulsion has the effect of maintaining your skin in good condition. Furthermore, it is easy to apply!
【Ms. Chen】 First, I will introduce about White UV Emulsion from Sekkisei. Talking about Sekkisei, it become so popular because of its quick absorption and light-weight moisturizer effect.
【Ms. Lin】 It reminds me that the sunscreens from Sekkisei are having the same effect, right?
【Ms. Chen】 Yeah! For this reason, it is perfect to use it as a skin care before make up in the morning. You will feel fresh outside of your skin, but hydrating intensely inside! Putting on makeup on moisturized skin could help your makeup last longer.
【Ms. Lin】 Hydrating intensely inside? Staying in the air conditioned room for almost everyday, my skin definitely get dehydrated. Now, finally the problem can be solved right?
【Ms. Chen】 Yes! This emulsion also effectively blocks UV rays, using this alone without sunscreen product is more than enough. Besides, White UV Emulsion contains of tranexamic acid for whitening effect to reduce melanin production, prevents freckles and ageing spots .
【Ms. Lin】 This emulsion is a multi-function product which combines the effect of sunscreen.
【Ms. Chen】 Besides using it in the morning, you can also use it during the day time. This product is especially recommended to people who are not used to apply sun-screen.
・Reference price:KOSE SEKKISEI White UV Emulsion 35g / 3,024yen (including tax)
2. WHOMEE “Multi-Mascara” : 2-in-1 tool for both eyebrows and lashes.
★Consumer review: Different types of colour shades, could choose the best colour shade to suit own skin tone. Natural colour shades make your eyes look more elegant than usual.
【Ms. Lin】Ms. Chen, did you heard about “Igari makeup" before?
【Ms. Chen】Ah! Is it about the latest makeup trend that designed by the makeup artist Igari Shinobu?
【Ms. Lin】Exactly, Ms. Igari had developed her own beauty product “WHOMEE”. I am actually using WHOMEE muti-mascara these days. Because of the sweat, my eyebrows colour used to fade easily. After searching for so long, finally I found this brand.
【Ms. Chen】Wait, mascara is for lashes right? Why can it be used on eyebrows too?
【Ms. Lin】This product is 2-in-1 function, just the same as its name “multi”. You can use it both on eyebrows and lashes. You could even choose the colour shade that suit your hair colour, and it does bring big difference and effect with just a little change of colour on your eyebrows and lashes.
【Ms. Chen】This multi-mascara definitely going to be on my wish list. I have thin eyebrows, is it suitable for me too?
【Ms. Lin】It helps turning up the volume of your eyebrows, so it is definitely good for you to make your eyebrows looks thicker and natural.
・Reference price:WHOMEE Multi-mascara 7g / 1,620yen(tax included)
3. KOSE「Make Keep Mist」:A simple mist that keep hydrat-ing and makeup lasts!
★Consumer review: Definitely can’t forget to bring this facial mist along. I sweat easily than anybody else, and it completely keeps my makeup in place. So this is one of the essential things that I need to bring along everyday!
【Ms. Lin】Ms. Chen, sorry to keep you waiting! I will introduce my favourite KOSE “Make Keep Mist”. The best feature about this product is it resists sweat and sebum. It also resists tears, rain, and eye drops! Most importantly it keeps eyeshadow and eyeliner in top condition.
【Ms. Chen】I am sure It is specially produced for summer. Definitely cannot stay without it during summer!
【Ms. Lin】 That’s true! A test had been demonstrated to prove the water-resistant effect of the product. You don't need to worry about your makeup get smeared from sweat when participating in summer festival or night pool. Besides, it is also recommended for people who love to go to the gym with makeup on.
【Ms. Chen】 Oh I see. Look! There are two layers in it.
【Ms. Lin】 Yeah, please shake well before using it. Then, spray 5-6 times to cover the face evenly and avoid touching your skin until your skin gets dry.
【Ms. Chen】 It is so great to use it without getting your hands wet.
【Ms. Lin】Ah, There is one more thing I would like to remind everybody. Make Keep Mist could hydrate your skin, but the hydrating effect is different with other facial mist. Therefore cleansing is necessarily when putting on with or without makeup. Don’t forget!
・Reference price:KOSE Make Keep Mist 80ml / 1,296yen(tax included)
4. JILL STUART “Lip Blossom”:Lipstick with light and soft touch, perfect for natural lip colour.
★Consumer review: Besides using in the office, it’s perfect for all occasions. I am completely satisfied with its scent and extreme long-wear effect. I have been using the same brand for 5 years and now I am collecting their limited edition colours.
【Ms. Chen】Finally, here comes the best summer lipstick. I will introduce the latest JILL STUART “Lip Blossom” that I am wearing right now.
【Ms. Lin】 It does increase your level of femininity by just carrying it with you. In addition, there is a mirror designed on the container, which is so thoughtful.
【Ms. Chen】 That's right! JILL STUART’s packaging is so glamorous, and it is so popular because of their gorgeous design.
【Ms. Lin】 What are you wearing right now creates a semi-matte finish, but the excellent moisturising effect smoothed your lip.
【Ms. Chen】 That is the signature features of “Lip Blossom”. "Shine & moist type" lipstick brings colour with fresh luster and translucence.
【Ms. Lin】 By using Lip Blossom, my lips could get hydrated at all time.
【Ms. Chen】Definitely! There are 22 different colours, from light to dark pink. So, you can choose your favourite pink and use it depending on time, place and occasion.
【Ms. Lin】 It makes me want to try all of the colours right now. I am interested in the one that create faceted shine effect. And I could probably get two of it, one for work, and another one for daily life.
・Reference price:JILL STUART Lip Blossom 3.8g / 3,024yen(tax included)
5. KOSE INIFINITY “Cool Astringent Tighten Up” : The only facial product that keep you refresh during summer!
★Consume review: There are body cooling spray, but this is for facial use! This cooling skincare creates a hydrating effect, but it also gives your skin an immediate refreshing moment that best suit for stuffy hot summer.
【Ms. Lin】There is one more beauty product I would like to recommend: the KOSE INFINITY Cool Astringent Tighten Up.
【Ms. Chen】 Is this the limited edition facial mist that only selling for summer?
【Ms. Lin】 Yes! It is a carbonated toner that lowers the surface temperature of your face and give an instant cooling sensation. This product started selling from April of this year.
【Ms. Chen】 I have problems of hot flashes, this product definitely offers instant relief from discomfort of hot flashes. But this product is limited edition, and I couldn’t get one because it was out of stock last year.
【Ms. Lin】 That is because it is so popular. It is at around 35 degree celsius, which is two degrees lower than our skin surface temperature, and conforms to your facial contours. This product also reduces irritation and prevent hyperpigmentation.
【Ms. Chen】 Amazing! One bottle with all of the multi-effect.
【Ms. Lin】 Normally, face toner have to use together with face lotion. But, I use this product whenever I feel my skin get dehydrated or feeling discomfort from hot flashes.
【Ms. Chen】 This year, I will definitely going to try getting one of this again.
【Ms. Lin】Yes, this is the best beauty product to enhance your makeup for summer. Don’t forget to put it in your must-haves list. Next month, I will be the one introducing more cosmetics to you, so stay tuned!
・Reference price: KOSE INFINITY Cool Astringent Tighten Up 150g / 4,320yen (tax in-cluded)
※OSI Beauty Research, Advice from staffs
High temperature of summer and UV rays affect both inside and outside of your body. Depending only on cosmetics is not the way to stay healthy, drinking enough water is much more important. Keeping your body hydrated by drinking enough water and using summer cosmetics products allow you to avoid suffering from summer fatigue.