How to Get from Haneda Airport to the Center of Tokyo using the Monorail

Before, many tourists used Narita International Airport to visit Japan, but since international flights to Haneda Airport have increased in recent years, so has the number of people using Haneda Airport. Haneda is located closer to Tokyo than Narita, with a newer building and has a design that embodies Japanese harmony of Japan, meaning Haneda is the more comfortable and beautiful airport.
How do you get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport?
There are four major modes of transportation from Haneda Airport to Tokyo: the monorail, airport bus, Keikyu Line train, and taxi. We will present all of these modes of transportation, starting with the monorail.
The comfortable and easy to use Monorail.
Once you exit the arrival gate at Haneda Airport, you will find yourself in the arrival lobby. Right in front of you will be an information sign showing how to get to the monorail platform. Follow the sign and after about 30 seconds, you will find the monorail station on your left.
On the left side of the ticket gate, you will see the ticket machines. To the right side, you will see the JR East Travel Service Center. If you have a JR pass exchange ticket, you can use it here to get your real JR pass, which can be used to ride the Monorail.
If you do not have a JR pass, you will need to purchase either a ticket or an IC card. For more detailed information about how to use the ticket machine, please see the article “How to Use Ticket Vending Machine”.
Normal train ticket
There are two different monorail tickets, the monorail ticket and the transfer ticket. If you are getting off at a station along the monorail line, use the monorail ticket, but if you are transferring to the JR lines at Hamamatsucho Station or to the Rinkai Line at Tennouzuairu Station, use the transfer ticket. For example, if you are going to Akihabara Station on the JR line, you will need to get off at Hamamatsucho Station, meaning you will need that transfer ticket, which costs about 650yen.
Warning: When transferring to the subway at Hamamatsucho Station, you will need to exit the ticket gate, which means you should buy the monorail ticket rather than the transfer ticket.

If you don’t know which ticket you need, don’t worry. English and Chinese-speaking station staff near the ticket gate can help you. If you think you have bought the wrong ticket, please ask a member of staff wearing a pink vest.
Buying an IC card is a good idea because, with an IC card, you won’t need to stand in line to buy a ticket every time you ride the train or worry about which kind of ticket you need to buy. Just charge the IC Card and you’re ready to go.

There are three different kinds of IC Cards that you can purchase at Haneda Airport:
The Suica card that you can buy directly at the monorail ticket machine. There is a 500 yen deposit when buying the card, which will be refunded should you return the card, minus a 220 yen charge. This card can be returned only at the monorail service desk at Haneda Airport or Hamamatsucho Station.

The second option is a Suica card with a picture of a penguin that can be purchased at the JR East Service Center. There is a 500 yen deposit when buying the card, which will be refunded should you return the card, minus a 220 yen charge. The card can be returned at all JR East Traveling Service Centers.

The final option is the PASMO card, which can be purchased at the Keikyu Line ticket machine. There is a 500 yen deposit when buying the card, and it can be returned at any Tokyo Metro or Keikyu station. There is no fee when returning the card.
From left to right: PASMO, Monorail Suica, Penguin Suica.
Warning: JR East Traveling Service Center is open from 6:45 AM to 6:30 PM. You may get your JR pass or buy the Penguin Suica card during this timeframe only.
After buying your ticket or IC card, enter the station and board the train!
At the Haneda Airport, there are two platforms. Those heading to Tokyo should use platform 2 and board train bound for Hamamatsucho.
On the monitor on the platform, you can see the arrival time of different trains. These show, from left to right, departure time, type of train, terminal, stops, and arrival order.
There are three different types of trains on the monorail line:
Haneda Express:A train that goes directly from Haneda International Airport Station to Hamamatsucho Station nonstop.
Rapid Train:No stops between the Haneda International Airport Station and Ryutsu Center Station. The train stops at every station from Ryutsu Center Station to Hamamatsucho Station.
Local Train:Stops at every station.
If you want to get to Hamamatsucho Station fast, pay attention to the red mark with white letters at the end saying “first arrival”. This indicates which train will arrive the fastest at Hamamatsucho. Be aware that even if a local train departs ahead of Haneda Express, it does not mean it will arrive the fastest at Hamamatsucho Station.
Transfer at Hamamatsucho Station
Once you arrive at Hamamatsucho Station follow the stream of people and take the escalator to the first floor, where you will see the transfer gate. The sign for the transfer gate is very easy to spot. On the left will be the exit-only ticket gate, and the transit-only gate will be in the front. As long as you know where you want to go, the instructions on the sign make transferring easy.
If you using the subway lines, use the exit-only ticket gate to your left and exit the station. If you used a regular ticket for the trip, you will not get it back from the ticket gate machine, so buy a new ticket at the ticket machine in the subway station. If you bought at transfer ticket you will get it back. Don’t forget to take it, since you will use it again when exiting the last stop of your destination.

Be careful not to exit the wrong ticket gate. If you accidently exit the wrong gate, show the sentence below to the station staff and they will most likely guide you to the right gate.

If you want to get to transfer to the JR line but went to the wrong gate, show this:

If you want to leave the station or transfer to the subway but went to the wrong gate:
「駅を出たい(地下鉄に乗り換えたい)のですが、改札を間違えました。 」

If you want to transfer to the JR Lines, use the ticket gate in front of you (in the middle). After passing through the gate, turn right and keep going. Follow the instructions on the floor you to reach the JR platforms.
JR Line has four platforms numbered 1 to 4.

Platform 1 is the Keihin-Tohoku Line. The train goes to Tokyo, Akihabara or Ueno.
Platform 2 is the Yamanote Line. The train goes to Tokyo, Akihabara, Ueno, or Ikebukuro.
Platform 3 is also the Yamanote Line. The train goes to Shinagawa, Shibuya, or Shinjuku.
Platform 4 is Keihin-Tohoku Line. The train goes to Shinagawa, Kawasaki, or Yokohama.
Benefits of the monorail ticket.
If you have a JR pass, you can ride the monorail.
The monorail can be used regardless of which JR pass you have (Japan Rail Pass, JR Tokyo Wide Pass, JR East Railway Pass (northeast area) or JR East Railway Pass (Nagano, Akita)). However, be aware that the JR East Traveling Service Center is open from 6:45 AM to 6:30 PM and it’s only during this time that you can get your JR pass. Keep this in mind when arriving on an early morning or late night flight.

2.The Monorail-Yamanote discount ticket.
This discount ticket is available only on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. This ticket may only be used on the day it is purchased. With this ticket, it costs only 500 yen to get from the monorail to any station on the Yamanote. Depending on the station, you can save up to 250 yen!