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Top-Selling Supplements

Japanese brand supplements are now making a big hit with people overseas. It is so popular that almost all the tourists coming to Japan seem to visit drugstores to buy Japanese supplements.

Today, Ms. Lin’s friend Ms. Wang and Ms.Chang are with us. Ms. Wang has been taking supplements for more than 5 years. Ms. Wang has been living in Japan over a decade. She is hosting a meet-up group for health nut with her Japanese friends. Ms.Chang has been in Japan over a decade and is a certified dietician now working for a major drugstore.
【Ms. Lin】 You know most tourists from China go on a shopping spree whenever coming to Japan. Their recent hot topic is Japanese brand supplements.

【Ms. Chang】I knew they go crazy for buying cosmetics and luxury brands but surprised to hear that now people are focusing on supplements.

【Ms. Lin】: Many people are! Drugstores are now trying to hire more staffs who speak Chinese to take care of increasing tourists from China.

【Ms. Chang】 Yeah, I can feel that.

【Ms.Lin】Recently people from China spend more money for supplements than cosmetics in average.

【Ms. Chang】Is that sure?

【Ms.Lin】 Sure. However, the media doesn't talk about this so I guess most department stores and duty free shops don't know it yet. Especially Chinese women in their late 30s are heavily buying supplements as they become more conscious of their health and beauty.

【Ms. Chang】 My parents and friends always ask me to buy it for them too!

【Ms.Lin】 I have some anxiety about buying it in China or buying online. Come and buy in Japan could be the safest way.

【Ms. Chang】 I agree. Chinese speaking staffs are increasing in my drugstore
too. Many customers are glad that they can ask the staffs in Chinese about ingredients and effects of each supplement before buying it. Today, I brought the list of supplements my friends asked me to buy, although I have to say they learned it through Chinese media mainly. Many Chinese women are eager to find out and try what Japanese women are actually using. They wish to catch up with the latest top selling supplements in Japan so let's check it out!
◆The Top 5 Best Selling Supplements
<No.5: Noguchi Medical Research Institute “Natto Kinaze DX”>
Smell : ★★★★☆
Price : ★★☆☆☆
Effect: ★★★★☆
★User’s review: My parents love natto while I hate it, however, both of us take it continually. Dr. Hideyo Noguchi designed on the package contributes to a feeling of trust.
【Ms. Chang】 I recommend this “Natto Kinaze DX” of Noguchi Medical Research Institute for people over 50s. It's also good as a gift for your parents.

【Ms. Lin】Natto? Oh no! I should try once...but to tell the truth, I don't think I can stand that smell.

【Ms. Wang】 Don't worry, this supplement doesn't have that smell. The name “Natto Kinaze”comes from a kind of protein enzyme contained in the supplement, which can be found in Natto's gooey consistency.

【Ms. Lin】I've heard about it but don't know well. How does it work?

【Ms. Wang】 Natto is widely known to be nutritious Japanese food good for our health for long time. The protein enzyme contained in Natto helps dissolving the blood clot, lower cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure.

【Ms. Chang】 It is good for elderly too. I've been I've been worrying about my father's high blood pressure, so I told him to take this supplement. It seems working so far.

【Ms. Wang】Please take about 3 tablets a day provided that you are taking enough nutrition from your daily meal. I think you can realize the impact within one month or so.

【Ms. Lin】 Maybe I should start taking it from now to prevent high blood pressure. Anyway it's just the right thing for my parents.

【Ms. Chang】 I bet you'll be asked to buy for all your relatives before long!
Reference price:
-Natto Kinase DX (90 tablets) / 4,298 yen (including tax)
-Natto Kinase Premium (120 tablets) / 5,378 yen (including tax)
<No.4: DHC "Melilot">
Smell : ★★★★☆
Price : ★★★☆☆
Effect: ★★★★☆
★User's Review: I used to wear pants as my feet get swollen so often. Thanks to Melilot now it's getting better so I'd like to try wearing skirts this year.
【Ms. Chang】 The 4th place is the one from DHC brand. My friend asked me to buy it for her.

【Ms. Lin】 They usually show us the picture of a product they want but it is not easy to find out the right one. There are so many items from DHC that people often say they cannot find the item they want to buy.

【Ms.Wang】 Let me see the picture. Oh! That is Melilot. It is popular among Chinese. More than five groups of tourists a day come and ask me about it.

【Ms.Chang】I knew DHC brand is popular among Chinese but didn't know Melilot is that popular. It's a bit different from what Japanese usually buy. Many Japanese seem to prefer “Multivitamin”. So interesting to know the difference.

【Ms.Wang】It became widely known as it really works to prevent the feet swell up. I think Melilot is the best too. I highly recommend Melilot for people who need to work while standing, especially for ladies who have trouble with their feet getting swollen.

【Ms. Lin】 Yeah! My friend says her face doesn't look swollen any more when she wake up after taking Melilot for a month. She feels blood circulation around her neck has much improved as well.

【Ms. Wang】It is worth more than the price. You'd better try it once!
Reference price:
-DHC “Melilot” (60 tablets; 30-day supply) / 1,026 yen (including tax)
<No.3 LION “PAIR A Tablet”>
Smell : ★★☆☆☆
Price : ★★★★☆
Effect: ★★★★☆
★User's Review: For those who try supplement for the first time, it might be good to start from PAIR A Tablet. It works to get rid of your pimples and cure the skin problems. It's a must-have!
【Ms.Chang】 This is the 3rd.

【Ms.Lin】 Oh, I see.

【Ms.Chang】 It's one of our favorite. Many people use it along with “PAIR Acne Cream”. It works effectively for pimples of all ages so my friend who has skin problems uses this for a long time.
Ms.Wang: I guess many people who have skin problems prefer taking tablets to using cream since it is much easier. You don't need to worry about hands getting greasy.

【Ms.Lin【】 I guess my friends always ask me to buy the cream because they don't know that there are tablets in the product lineup.

【Ms.Chang】 It's becoming a big trend now!

【Ms.Wang】 The point is that it improves the metabolism and effectively works for problems of pimples, rough skin, canker sore and so on. Recently it's getting popular among men as well. You must check it out!

【Ms.Lin】 Aha. Skin care products for men are making a big hit too. I'll keep my eye on it!
Reference price:
-DHC PAIR A Tablets (60 tablets; 30-day supply) / 1,440 yen (including tax)
-DHC PAIR A Tablets (120 tablets; 60-day supply) / 2,700 yen (including tax)
<No.2: FANCL "Age-Bracket Based Supplements">
Smell : ★★★★☆
Price : ★★★☆☆
Effect: ★★★★☆
★User's Review: I haven't been eating properly and not getting enough vegetables. I'm in my 20s but scared to have severe problems in my 30s, so I decided to take this. Now that I take it daily, I 'm not feeling very well when I forget to take it. I can't do without it anymore!
【Ms.Chang】 The product from FANCL is in the 2nd place.

【Ms.Lin】 It's time for FANCL!

【Ms.Wang】 I have a recommendation for you, Ms.Lin. FANCL's Age-Bracket Based Supplements lineup provide different product for different age. They are classified by age from 20s to 60s being customized to meet the needs of each generation. The basic nutrition for all ages and extra ingredients necessary for each generation are packed in one, so it is very easy.

【Ms.Lin】 I want to try it together with cosmetics to be in my best!

【Ms. Chang】 FANCL is making a great success with these age-bracket supplements. They made it by keep watching customer's feedback carefully and trying to meet their needs.

【Ms.Wang】 Customer's are satisfied with the products since they are carefully prepared for each generation to improve the health condition depending on the age. Another good point is that it's in a small packet easy to carry.

【Ms.Chang】 I've been taking it for about a year suggested by one of the customers. It contains iron as well so best for anemic person like me.

【Ms. Lin】 It's very important to take well-balanced diet. I understand why this item won the second prize. I'll go and buy it!
Supplement for women in their 20s 
Supplement for men in their 20s
Reference price:
-Supplement for 20's (30 packet) / 1,700 yen (including tax)
-Supplement for 30's (30 packet) / 2,263 yen (including tax)
-Supplement for 40's (30 packet) / 4,114 yen (including tax)
-Supplement for 50's (30 packet) / 4,500 yen (including tax)
-Supplement for 60's (30 packet) / 4,980 yen (including tax)
*Same price for men and women in the same age-bracket.
<No.1 FANCL"Calolimit (Calorie Limit)">
Smell : ★★★★☆
Price : ★★★★☆
Effect: ★★★★☆
★User's Review: You’d better hurry to go and get it if you haven't tried it yet. I take it before going drinking and feel good till the end!
【Ms.Chang】 The 1st prize is also from FANCL. I strongly recommend that you should try this “Calolimit”

【Ms.Wang】 It has been a long seller since it was first released in 2000. It sells every 5.7 seconds counting more than 4.2 million packets in total sales. It's supported especially by young women. I love it too!

【Ms.Lin】 So do I. It is foods with functional claims that reduce absorption of fat and sugar, so my Japanese friends always carry with them when they go out eating or drinking. Some of my friends who were anxious about gaining weight do not worry anymore to go drinking. It's a must-carry item when you eat out.

【Ms. Chang】 It is popular among both Japanese and Chinese.

【Ms.Lin】 I heard it gets sold out every day. It contains mulberry leaf, herbs from India and shellfish rich in dietary fiber along with extract of two certified fine Chinese tea leaf, which help control the rise of sugar and neutral fat level in your blood. Well done!

【Ms.Wang】 It's good for those on a diet. Take Calolimit before the meal, eat plenty of meat or fish to get enough protein and work out three days a week, then you can realize losing body fat. You can lose your weight without losing your health. Isn't it great?

【Ms.Lin】 Thank you Ms.Chang, I learned a lot from you today. I'll be the member of supplement geek from now on.

【Ms.Chang】 I'm glad to hear that. You can never do without it once you realize the impact of supplements. Call me again. I welcome any chance to report the latest news.
Reference price:
-FANCL Calorie LImit (120 tablets;around 4 tablets per day) / 1,563 yen (Including tax)
※Notice from OSI Beauty Rsearch editors:
The reviews of each supplements are due to personal experiences and there is no guarantee that the effect would be the same for others.
Overdose on supplements may harm your health. Please choose the right supplement and follow the instruction on adequate daily dosage.