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Find your favorite Japanese snacks "Dagashi"

Talking about Japanese snacks, what will come to your mind? Most of the foreigners may think of Japanese snacks such as Dorayaki, Yokan (jellied Japanese dessert), Daifuku (Japanese small round mochi stuffed with sweet filling) and so on. While these kind of traditional Japanese confectioneries are popular regardless of nationality, there are different kind of Japanese snacks called “Dagashi” which refers to cheap snack foods.

During the old days in Japan, Dagashi were mainly produced for the children who were in their primary school. Because the products were mainly for children, the feeling of fun and excitement were very important. Memories of their happy childhood will come to the mind of many Japanese when they see Dagashi.

Dagashi are very familiar to Japanese, but foreigners may get surprised at various colors and shapes of them which are quite unique and amazing. So, this time we will pick up some popular Dagashi and introduce their appeals to you. Dagashi we introduce here are all available in Haneda Airport. It may be useful as a reference when you visit Japan for the next time.
“Umaibo” means “delicious stick” in Japanese and it is one of the top sellers among the snacks in Japan. It is a small cylindrical puffed corn snack which has been sold since 1979. One of the attractiveness of Umaibo is the number of different flavors. Umaibo have been produced in more than 30 kinds of flavors. There are Japanese style flavors such as Takoyaki and Mentaiko while there are also flavors like corn potage and chocolate which are familiar to people around the world.
Since it was newly released, Umaibo has been one of the top choices among Japanese snacks for children especially when they are going for an outing trip. We believe buying it to the children as a souvenir will be one of the best choices to share happiness. There are so many kinds of special flavors, why not give it a try on all them and find the flavor you like most.
Product name: Umaibo
Price: 322 yen (tax included)
Amount: 30 pieces (per pack)
Best before:
Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) flavor 120 days from manufacturing date
Yakitori (grilled chicken) flavor 120 days from manufacturing date
Corn potage flavor 150 days from manufacturing date
Cheese flavor 150 days from manufacturing date
Rich Mentaiko flavor 150 days from manufacturing date
Salami flavor 150 days from manufacturing date
Tonkatsu (pork) flavor 150 days from manufacturing date
Teriyaki Burger flavor 150 days from manufacturing date
Vege salad flavor 150 days from manufacturing date
Shrimp Mayonnaise flavor 150 days from manufacturing date
Chocolate flavor 240 days from manufacturing date
Next we will introduce the good old Dagashi yogurt called “Yogur”. This yogurt is not the same with what you always see at the supermarket. It is in mini size and has an unique texture. The way of eating it is also different. Firstly, tear off the cover. Then eat with a small wooden spoon. You can feel the special texture when you eat it. “Yogur” has sugar crunchy texture because it contains granulated sugar in it. It is highly recommended to those who are sweet lover.
There are three types of flavor: flower (plain), orange and cider . You could share it with friends and family comparing with the normal yogurt selling at the market, and of course trying out the different flavors will be much more fun. The appearance looks like a yogurt, but it is easy to carry as it won’t not melt like a chocolate. Therefore, you could buy it as a souvenir even though you are from tropical country.
Product details
Product name: Yogur
Price: 98 yen (tax included)
Amount: 5 cups (per pack)
Best before: 120 days from manufacturing date
3.Fugashi (wheat gluten snack)
Fugashi is a snack covered by a layer of brown sugar and it has a sweet taste. It is a traditional snack popular since Edo period, and it is made from wheat gluten. During the 1970s, Fugashi was one of the regular snacks that Japanese children eat it almost everyday.
Kagiya company is a company that produce Fugashi. Their Fugashi is about 20 centimeters long cylindrical shape and coated with brown sugar. It has a very rich sweetness which is superb. Some people may think that it looks like a mini baguette, but actually Fugashi has different attracting flaky and fluffy texture. Fugashi is also one of the memorable snacks for Japanese. You can easily taste the special flavor and sweetness of the brown sugar anytime you want.
Product details
Product name: Fugashi
Price: 298 yen (tax included)
Amount: 15 pieces (per pack)
Best before: 120 days from manufacturing date
4.Fue-Ramune (Whistle Candy)
Whistle candy is one of the most fun candy among Japanese cheap snack. There is a hole at the center of the candy to suck and blow, and you can make a sound like a whistle. It is fun eating snacks, but whistle candy gets even more attracting with playful mind.
It is very special that this candy can be like a musical instrument. This will make it more attracting for people from all over the world. Candies are individually packaged so you can share them with your friends to perform a mini concert anytime anywhere as you like!
Product details
Product name: New Fue-Ramune (Whistle Candy)
Price: 30 yen (tax included)
Amount: 3 pieces (per pack)
Best before: 10 months from manufacturing date
5. Kinako-bo (Kinako Stick)
Last but not least, we will introduce you the traditional snack: Kinako-bo. Kinako-bo is made from granulated sugar and starch syrup. It is in cylindrical shape and coated with kinako powder also known as roasted soybean flour. The snack is fully covered with kinako and brings out the traditional taste of Japan.
Kinako stick has soft and chewy with a mild sweetness. Therefore it is loved by all ages from children to adults. Besides that, it is recommended to try kinako-bo together with Japanese traditional tea. The kinako-bo may dry out your mouth, therefore matching with a cup of tea is highly recommended and you could enjoy the traditional culture of Japan in great harmony.
Product details
Product name: Kinako-bo (Kinako Stick)
Price: 198 yen (tax included)
Best before: 5 months from manufacturing
Get the most popular Dagashi snacks from Soradonki Haneda Airport before you depart from Japan!
The Japanese cheap snacks we have introduced here are all available in Soradonki Haneda Airport International terminal store. The size of the store is not so big and only have limited selection of products compared to the usual Don Quijote stores. But there is a special corner for Dagashi snacks located at the center of the store. It is highly recommended to tourists from abroad who plan to purchase souvenirs at the airport. It will be nice if you could find your favorite snacks there.
Store details
Store name: Soradonki Haneda Airport store
Location: Haneda Airport International Terminal 5 Floor Tokyo Pop Town
Business Hour: 8am-11pm
Payment method: cash, credit card, Japan IC card