What do you want to buy at Haneda Airport?
-Haneda Airport International Terminal-

We have announced 8 popular souvenirs at Domestic Passenger Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. They are all perfect for the gift from Tokyo, which is growing as an international city.
Best-selling products at the International Passenger Terminal seem to be the one that people believe "This is the signature sweets representative of Japan." It seems that many people tend to chose the classic products that have been loved by Japanese people for a long time. What are the most popular souvenirs for Japan's main gateway to the sky?
This time, we will introduce 5 popular souvenirs from the international terminal.
YOKU MOKU CIGAR, which was selected as the 5th place, has been sold in major department stores across the country for 45 years and is a long-seller product that has been chosen as a slightly fashionable, western-style confectionery best for a souvenir. It is a well-known pastry to many Japanese.
As the name suggests, it is shaped like a cigar.Thin and light cookie is baked carefully to maintain the shape while giving a delicate texture.

CIGAR is made with butter, sugar, eggs, flour, almond powder, and a dash of vanilla extract. The ingredients are very simple. Among those ingredients, the commitment to butter seems to produce the flavor and texture unique to Cigar. Fans all over the world have acclaimed that the texture is so soft and light that they can be broken down easily by pushing lightly with atongue.

As it is packed in a can container, there is no concern of cracking. It is a gift that can be given to any occasion, such as a business place or a gift for a friend.
[Basic information]
-Price: Box set (cookie tin)
14 pieces 972 yen (including tax)
20 pieces 1,458 yen (including tax)
30 pieces 2,160 yen (including tax)
48 pieces 3,240 yen (including tax)
Type: Pastry / Lang de Chat-style cookie
Consume within: 120 days (From the date of purchase)
Available at:
4F EDO SHOKUHINKAN 4F (Jidaikan)【6:30-22:00】
No. 4 FUSKUSAYA 「Fukusaya Cube」
A palm-size cube-shaped castella cake that was created with innovative ideas by the long-established Castella store Fukusaya in Nagasaki.

The catchphrase of this Fukusaya Cube was "anytime, anywhere fukusaya cube" when first released. Its package is designed to be customer-friendly which makes it even more attractive.

The cube-shaped container has an opening in the middle and can tear to the left and right. Inside is a fork and two bricks of castellas wrapped in Japanese Washi-like paper. It is easy to open without force and can be eaten anytime, anywhere with a fork so that it will not stick to your fingers dirty .

As each single piece is carefully handmade by the craftsmen, there's no need to explain how good it is. A sweet and moist castella is just great on its own having nothing to add.

The pale pink package with sumo wrestlers and thunder gates pattern is a product limited to the airport. It is perfect for souvenirs when you go abroad.

During the Edo period of the national isolation, Castella, who was brought from Portugal to Dejima in Nagasaki. It has beenmodified to adjust Japanese taste and now become an excellent sweet standard in Japan after many years, through repeated trials and errors to grade up it. I wish people all over the world would enjoy it.
[Basic information]
-Price: Box set
5 packs (2 pieces per pack) 1,350 yen (including tax)
-Type: Japanese stytle confectionery / castella
-Consume within: about 10 days (cool season) / about a week (warm season)
※ Slightly different depending on the season
-Available at:
No. 3 TOKYOU MILK CHEESE FACTORY 「 Salt & Camembert Cookie」
This product is like a "new face" who has not yet been recognized widely when compared with the No.5 CIGAR and the No.4 Fukusaya castella mentioned above.

It is a Western style confectionery that sandwiches the Gorgonzola flavored chocolate with two pieces of crisp Langue de chat-style milk cookies.

Fresh Hokkaido milk and French salt are used to make the milk cookies, which is highly reputed for its perfect balance of sweet and salty flavor that makes you get addicted to. This saltiness brings out the rich flavor of Gorgonzola, and even those who are not so good at the sweetness of cheesecake may find it delicious.

The retro-inspired package made of cardboardlooks very cute. It can be opened by sliding the outer layer of the box. This package is so popular among the foreigners that they want to reuse the empty box as an accessory case or pen case.

I hope it will carry on as a long-seller confectionery representing Japan with a long history.
[Basic information]
-Price: box set
10 pieces 864 yen (including tax)
20 pieces 1,728 yen (including tax)
-Type: Pastry / Langue de chat type cookie sandwiches
-Consume within: 240 days (from the date of manufacture)
-Available at:

 Speaking of ROYCE’, there may be many who come up with the image of raw chocolate. The mildt milky flavor of milk, using plenty of fresh cream, is fascinating.

In TV Asahi program broadcasted in 2013 "Onegai (Please)! Ranking Gold” ROYCE’ "raw chocolate [Au Lait]" was selected as the representative of Hokkaido for the "1st National Souvenir General Election".After the tasting examination by experts, it became the first prize winner of the souvenirs from all 47 prefectures. Bravo!

When you put it into the mouth, it will slowly melt on your toungue leaving smooth texture till the end.. Together, slight fragrance of liquor slips into the nose.

It matches very well with black coffee, while it seems that the pro-Japanese group who enjoys with matcha green tea is increasing. Have a piece of raw chocolate and then take a sip of matcha. The bitterness of green tea and the sweetness of chocolate make for a moment of bliss.

Japan-made whiskey is getting popular worldwide these days., Keep in mind that ROYCE' raw chocolate makes a perfect combination with Japan-made whiskey too.
[Basic information]
-Price: Box set 20 pieces (not individually wrapped) 778 yen (Including tax)
-Type: Western confectionery / chocolate
-Consume within: 1 month (from the date of manufacture)
※Notice: Please keep refrigerated.
・ A cool bag and 2 ice pack are available with additional 108 yen (including tax)
The ice pack would last for about 7 to 8 hours
-Available at:

・3F TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL [Gate No.109-111]【open 24 hours】
・3F TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP SOUTH [Gate No.109-111]【6:00-24:00】
・3F TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP NORTH [Gate No.112-114]【6:00-23:00】
No.1 TOKYO BANANA 『 TOKYO BANANA 「Miitsuketa」(Original Flavor)』
It is time to announce the first place finally.
The most popular product at the International Passenger Terminal is Tokyo Banana "Miitsuketa".

Tokyo Banana "Miitsuketa" won the grand first place at all terminals of Haneda Airport. well done!

Speaking of souvenirs for friends overseas, we often get sucked into the idea that traditional japanese confectionery such as senbei and okoshi (rice crackers) as well as Japanese tea and sake, would be the best choice.

However, the result of our research might have brought you some new ideas..
Annual banana consumption in Japan is less than half of that in Western countries. Many people around the world eat bananas every day. It is a food that is loved by men and women of all ages. Tokyo Banana features the flavor of these sweet bananas in their creamy fillings warpped in fluffy pancakes, that means it would surely capture everybody's heart.

I believe that the advertising slogan of "Tokyo Banana” as a “souvenir of Tokyo” would be replaced with a new slogan “souvenir of Japan” someday in near future.
[Basic information]
-Available at :
・4F EDO SHOKUHINKAN (Jidaikan) 【6:30-22:00】
・3F TIAT DUTY FREE SHOP CENTRAL[Gate No.109-111]【Open 24 hours】
・TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP NORTH (Fa-So-La) ※ Duty free shop inside the gate 【6:00-24:00】
・TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP SOUTH ※ Duty free shop inside the gate【6:00-24:30】
・LAOX Haneda International Airport Store ※ Keikyu Line Haneda International Airport Terminal Station【6:00-23:30】
 In English, "Sweets make people happy." In Chinese, "糖果让人开心". In Korean, "과자는 사람들을 행복하게합니다." It must be common to all countries that people become happy and relaxed when they have something sweet.
For those times, please keep in touch with the traditional authentic Japanese sweets, while at the same time, always keep your eye on something new made in Japan which is full of new ideas with a twist to be loved by people all over the world .