What do you want to buy at Haneda Airport?
-Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1-

Souvenirs: they’re always a source of joy, whether you’re the one receiving or giving. When you are given a souvenir, it’s as if you’ve experienced a little bit of that place, while the process of purchasing one for a friend or loved one is just as fun. In Japan, souvenirs usually mean a big box of local goodies from the location you just visited, rather than a kitschy toy. Instead, the idea is that you get to experience the atmosphere through food.

At Haneda Airport, there are plenty of souvenir shops to choose from. There’s a staggering variety too, so you’ll be able to find something for every taste. On top of that, the shops aren’t just open to those about to fly. It’s truly like walking into a department store, except it’s at the airport!

With all that choice, the hardest thing is to decide which one to pick out of them. But don’t worry, we’re here to help: we’ve rounded up the most popular things to buy at every terminal in Haneda, according to our Japanese experts. Don’t just stick to the usual flavoured Kit Kats or folding fans, and go for what the locals would buy: top-of-the-line confectionery to share.
NO.5 SUGAR BUTTER TREE 「Sugar Butter Sand Tree」
2F Selected Western Confectioneries ( Tokusen Yogashikan) Market Place
Over 50 million packets were sold in its first year on the shelf: that’s how popular Sugar Butter Sand Tree is. The formula is simple but addictive, with a layer of white chocolate sandwiched between sugar-and-butter-topped cereal biscuits.

The distinctive crispy biscuit is made from a blend of seven ingredients, including whole grain flour, rye, and oats. Add in the sugar and butter coat on top, and you have yourself an irresistible snack, perfect with a cup of tea or coffee.

A new flavour of Milky Cheese Chocolat was released on April 26, 2019 as a limited edition available only at Haneda Airport.

Tucked between the two biscuits is a layer of “chocolate cheese”, a special mix of cheddar cheese and white chocolate. The combination may seem strange at first glance, but it leads to a very smooth and creamy finish, which makes a great harmony with crispy biscuits. Limited edition flavours are occasionally available, so keep an eye out for your next favourite.
Value pack (plastic bag)
-5 pieces / ¥349 (incl. tax)
-10 pieces / ¥690 (incl. tax)

Box set
- 7 pieces / ¥535 (including tax)
- 14 pieces / ¥1,029 (including tax)
- 21 pieces / ¥1,543 (including tax)
- 30 pieces / ¥2,160 (including tax)

Type: Western-style confectionery

Consume within: 30 days (from the date of purchase)

Available at:
- 2F Selected Western Confectioneries (Tokusen Yogashikan) Market Place【6:00-20:00】
NO.4 NEWYORK PERFECT CHEESE 「 NewYork Perfect Cheese」
2F Selected Western Confectioneries (Tokusen Yogashikan) Market Place
This original version of a langue de chat biscuit, combining white chocolate with a milk cream, was overseen by famous pastry chef Bill Yosses along with world-champion cheese specialists Miyuki Murase, and Rodolphe le Meunier.

For their rendition of the classic, the filling consists on a mix of white chocolate and cheddar cheese, topped with milk cream, wrapped in langue de chat biscuits flavoured with Gouda cheese. The result is a heavenly fusion of flavours, with the sweetness of the cheese coming out on top. The texture changes depending on whether you have it at room temperature or chilled, giving this langue de chat an extra dimension.

The biscuit has been a big hit since they started selling it at the original Tokyo Station location in January 2017, with lines out the door for days on end and a sold-out stock. Getting it at Haneda Airport is a lot easier, but even then, when we lined up at 10am on the weekend to get our hands on it, it still took us a good 15 minutes to get to the till. Plan ahead for this one.

For that reason, there’s a limit to the number you can buy available up to 20 boxes per person.

Availability and queue times is dependent on time and date , but if you stop by at night, chances are high that they will be sold out for the day.
Box set
- 5 pieces / ¥775 (including tax)
- 8 pieces / ¥1,080 (including tax)
- 12 pieces / ¥1,620 (including tax)
- 15 pieces / ¥2,025 (including tax)
- 18 pieces / ¥2,430 (including tax)

Type: Western-style confectionery

Consume within: 1 month (from the date of purchase)

Note: This product melts easily. Ice packs are available at Haneda Airport, but please be aware of this when travelling for a long time, especially in hot weather.

Available at: 2F Selected Western Confectioneries (Tokusen Yogashikan) Market Place【6:00-20:00】
NO.3 N.Y.C. Sand 「N.Y. Caramel Sand」
2F Tokyo Food Products 3 event space 【5:45-20:30】
This New York-inspired sandwich biscuit is a visual stunner, with caramel that enveloped with chocolate, and then sandwiched between layers of butter cookies imprinted with an original motif. The caramel is made from fresh cream melted with kokuto black sugar, resulting in a raw caramel-like finish.

The luxurious packaging, with its gold logo on a black box and individual gold wrappers, gives it an edge over the souvenir competition too. On top of that, you can now also get a small box with just four piece in it, exclusively at Haneda Airport. It’s an intimate gift for close friends, and great even for the discerning confectionery-lover.
Box set 
- 4 pieces / ¥540 (including tax) *Exclusive to Haneda Airport
- 8 pieces / ¥1,080 (including tax)
- 12 pieces / ¥1,620 (including tax)
- 16 pieces / ¥2,160 (including tax)
- 24 pieces / ¥3,240 (including tax)
- 40 pieces / ¥5,400 (including tax)

type: Western-style confectionery

Consume within: 2-3 week

Available at:
- 2F Tokyo Food Products 3 event space 【5:45-20:30】
NO.2 Ginza Nakajyo 『Mame-taiyaki 「Tetsuko」』
2F Selected Japanese Confectioneries (Tokusen Wagashikan) Market Place
The word ‘Mame’, which means beans in Japanese, in the name doesn’t just refer to the filling here: these cute round taiyaki are all bite-sized, making them as easy to pop into your mouth as a bean.

The taiyaki skin is soft and chewy, while there’s plenty of tsubuan red bean paste, made from Tokachi azuki beans from Hokkaido, on the inside.

If you look closely, you can see that the sea bream (tai) has a slightly different look than usual: it has a small flower ornament above its gills. Pop a taiyaki into your mouth and the flavour of azuki will burst on your tongue. Considering its small size, there’s no need to contemplate which side you should start to eat from, as you would with a regular full-size taiyaki.

Besides azuki, there’s also a matcha flavour available. Those who want to indulge in both should try the box set with both flavours. They both go rather well with a cup of Japanese tea, so sit down, have a cuppa, and try a small taiyaki as your sweet of the day.
Value pack (paper wrappings):
- 4 pieces (azuki flavour) / ¥390 (including tax)
Box set
- 8 pieces (azuki flavour) / ¥699 (including tax)
- 12 pieces (azuki flavour) / ¥1,029 (including tax)
- 16 pieces (mix of azuki and matcha flavour) / ¥1,468 (including tax)

Type: Japanese-style confectionery

Consume within: 7 days ( from the date of purchase)

Available at: 2F Selected Japanese Confectioneries (Tokusen Wagashikan) Market Place 【6:00-20:00】
NO.1 TOKYO BANANA 『Tokyo Banana 「Miitsuketa」 (Original Flavour)』
2F Selected Western Confectioneries (Tokusen Yogashikan) Market Place, 2F PIER 1, etc
Finally, here's number 1!
The allround favourite at Haneda Airport’s Domestic Terminal 1 is still the classic Tokyo Banana.

If people ask what is a standard of Tokyo souvenir you should not miss, this is it. Since its first sale in 1991 until today, the confectionery has been overwhelmingly popular. The combination of custard cream full of banana flavour and a creamy soft sponge cake is a consistent winner. It’s never too sweet, and is popular with people regardless of age or gender. Pop a few in the fridge for a bit, and you’ll find that the flavour seeps in even more.

Besides the original, there are also 6 different types, including flavours such as coffee milk, banana yoghurt, maple banana. On top of that, there are also ones with cute prints, such as bear-, giraffe-, or leopard print.

Considering it’s Tokyo’s no.1 souvenir, you’ll find it very often at the shops inside Haneda Airport.
Value pack (soft plastic wrappers)
- 4 pieces / ¥483 (including tax)

Box set
- 8 pieces / ¥1,029 (including tax)
- 12 pieces / ¥1,543 (including tax)
- 16 pieces / ¥2,057 (including tax)

Type: Western-style confectionery

Consume within: 7 days (from the date of purchase)

Available at:
- 2F Selected Western Confectioneries (Tokusen Yogashikan) Market Place 【6:00-20:00】
- 2F PIER 1【5:45-20:30】
- 2F Tokyo Food Products Gate C【5:45-20:30】
- 2F Tokyo Food Products Gate E【5:45-20:30】
- 2F PIER 4【5:45-20:30】
- 2F PIER 5 ※inside the gate 【5:45-20:30】
- 2F PIER 7 ※inside the gate 【5:45-20:30】
- 2F PIER 8 ※inside the gate 【5:45-20:30】
- 2F Captain’s Market ※inside the gate 【6:00-20:00】
That was our souvenir round-up! There’s certainly plenty of delicious things to choose from at the airport. Whichever you try, it’s bound to bring a smile to the face of whoever you buy it for. Now all you need to do is go out and buy some.
Haneda Airport Terminal 1
Advice from local specialty salespersons

The products featured in this article are all particularly popular but they are only part of the entire products sold in Haneda Airport. Why don't you come to the airport a little bit early with spare time to look for your favorite souvenir. Limited edition products are available at the pop-up booth too. Our sales staffs are all sincerely looking forward to seeing you at Haneda Airport.