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How about a shower?

April 2019 Special Edition

Hi! I’m the navigator Kato to guide your trip in Japan.
My mission is to share some helpful information with you who are planning to visit Japan.
We wish you a safe and comfortable journey yet saving money. It is our pleasure to help you enjoy a memorable trip that will stay long in your mind, so please take a look!

Our first suggestion is “Why not take a shower and freshen up in the airport?”

You might be a bit surprised, but this topic is deeply related to Japanese lifestyle. Japanese people love to take a bath and feel relaxed and refreshed. It’s something very Japanese.

Did you get tired after a long journey? Did you just stop by to transit on your way for some other places? Is your flight still going on?

Do you know that there are places you can take a shower in Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport), the main gateway to Japan?
● Where is the popular "SHOWER ROOMS" for travelers?
It is the start of your travel when you finish the immigration check and go out the gate.Please look at the left of the arrival lounge. Can you see a display that written “SHOWER ROOMS” in alphabet.
It is that “SHOWER ROOMS” which is popular with tourists.
My foreign friends are regular customers there. To keep your good health during short and tough trip, you need to refresh. For example, it is one of the best way to take a shower frequently.
After the long flight, you must be more tired than you thought. It is proved that to take a shower has some efficients. For example, promotion of blood circulation, easing congestion of internal organs, prevention of varicose vein. It is also proved that you can wake up, refresh easily and increase immunity. The effects are recognized academic!
“SHOWER ROOMS” is opened every day and 24 hours. Let’s go to “SHOWER ROOMS”!
● A Guide for “SHOWER ROOMS”
1,030 yen per person is charged for first 30 minutes. Additional 520 yen for every 15 minutes would be charged if you want to stay longer.
Cash (Japanese yen only) and credit cards are accepted. They don’t accept Quick Pay etc.

Towels, shampoo, hair conditioner, bodywash and hair dryer are complimentary.

Tooth brush, razor, basic skin care kit (make-up remover, face wash, lotion and moisturizer) are available in following price.
-Tooth brush: 100 yen
-Razor: 100 yen
-Basic skin care kit: 300 yen
● Peak hours and waiting time
Peak hours come twice a day from 4am to 9am and 7pm to 2 am.
Average waiting time is around 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, sometimes you need to wait more than 1.5 hours to 2 hours when it is very busy.
● Why is it so popular?
There are only 15 rooms in SHOWER ROOMS. As they don’t take reservations, you usually need to wait for your turn.
However, many people are still coming to take shower here since it is clean, convenient and comfortable. Hot water comes out well to warm you which makes you feel relaxed.
● My personal report
When I arrived at SHOWER ROOMS around 8:30am on Sunday, 11 people were already waiting there. The display announced that waiting time was about 30 minutes, however, Front desk told me that it is less busy than usual.
All I need to do was to write down my name and contact number on the form.
Waiting room was also crowded.
I asked the staff to give me a call when my turn comes, so that I can move out and wait at the lobby with my luggage.
I wanted to take out the changes from my bag and pack up again.
Each shower room has dressing room and shower booth separated but you may feel itis not big enough to open your suitcase. My suggestion is that it would be better to take out the things you need such as changes, skin care kit, tooth brush and razor from your suitcase in advance.

They gave me a call for my turn. I didn’t feel so long waiting since I was busy to pack up my luggage.

Receive the key and let’s go!
Oh, there is an electrical outlet by the sink so I can charge my mobile phone while taking shower.
Water came out very well and water pressure was much higher than I expected. At first, I was thinking 30 minutes might be not long enough but actually I had no trouble washing my hair and body within the time. The shower was strong enough to relax my body.
● Other services
Complimentary drink is available after the shower. It was refreshing!
You can choose your favorite drink from the following.
1.Bottled mineral water
2.Bottled Japanese tea
3.Coupon to get 200 yen discount at “Tully’s” coffee shop nearby
I chose cold Japanese tea, which was delicious. You may try it if you are coming from abroad.
How nice! It’s great to freshen up during your travel.
● Accessibility
There is an accessible shower room to go in with wheelchairs for those who have disabilities.
Please contact to the following number for further information.
-Contact number: 03-6428-0650
● Take a bath, get relaxed and have sweet dreams in the FIRST CABIN
When SHOWER ROOMS are so busy, there is another choice.
You can try FIRST CABIN, which is very popular among Japanese tourists, especially those who are on business trips.
First, we would like to show you the way to go there from the international terminal.
Take the free shuttle bus to go to the passenger terminal 1, where FIRST CABIN is located.

After you get off the bus, go into the terminal 1 and walk straight forward till you see the post office. FIRST CABIN is right next to that post office. You will see the sign with an airplane designed when you reach there.

Besides taking a shower, you can also jump into a bath tub at FIRST CABIN. What is more, you can take a nap in the room, and on top of that, you can even wash your laundry there! After the first one hour, you can extend the time by 30 minutes and stay as long as you like according to your plan.
●Notice:Male and female sections are separated
If you are travelling alone you don't need to care about it, but if you are not, you should mind that rooms are strictly separated by gender. Even couples who came to celebrate their honeymoon or wedding anniversary, such as golden anniversary or silver anniversary, cannot stay in the same room.

There is no exception to this that you are not allowed to stay with your child if they are different gender. Please note that men and women must spend the time in different areas separately except for lounge in the 2nd floor once you check in.
Source:It is a space for men and women in the lounge so you can talk and eat and drink
●Let's check in! Two types of rooms are ready.
They charge you 800 yen per hour (available from minimum 2 hours) for Business class and 1,000 yen per hour (available from minimum 1 hour) for First class.
First class is more spacious and have enough space to open the suitcase and pack up.
Business class is not that spacious but you may have no trouble to take a nap.
Basic amenities are provided complimentary including tooth brush and towels, while you can buy a razor for 100 yen and a hair brush for 50 yen if necessary.

You can either pay in cash or by credit cards. Sorry, they don't accept electronic money.

My recommendation is to borrow the cabin wear for free. You will feel much comfortable and relaxed after changing to the cabin wear for sure.
●Firstclass of FIRST CABIN
Let's go inside after receiving your card key. Check the room number on your key and move into your room. Please keep quiet not to disturb other guests. Can your hear someone snoring? Maybe a Japanese businessman is taking a rest.

Once you shut the accordion curtain, the whole space inside the room is only for you. You must be tired after a long trip. Put your luggage down, set your your mobile phone to the recharger, then change your cloth to the cabin wear to relax.
Source:Keep your luggage organized
Source:If the main purpose of nap is wide enough!
●Must-try the big bath tub!
Leave your valuables in the locked safety box in the room and let's go to the big public bath. You are allowed to go out the room in cabin wear and slippers.

Which do you prefer? Go into the private shower booth? Jump into a big public bath tub?
If you don't want to take off the cloth in front of others, or you don't feel comfortable to share the bath tub with someone you don't know, you'd better not go into the big public bath.
However to be honest, I strongly recommend you to try the big public bath for once if you can when you come to Japan. I promise you definitely can spend a relaxing and refreshing time. It's a rare chance to enjoy a big public bath here in Haneda airport which is a main gateway to Japan. Don't miss it!

After you finish washing the body, you are ready to go into the bath tub. Wow... gorgeous. We Japanese often say “Gokuraku Gokuraku”, which means “Like a heaven”, when feeling very comfortable. Let's say the word together!

It is said that it is easier to fall asleep when the body temperature starts to go down after you get out from the bath. Why not take a good rest and sleep tight. The bed is so comfortable that you might fall into a deep sleep. Be careful not to oversleep!
●Peak hours and waiting time
Since FIRST CABIN is mainly for lodging, short stay is available only from 10am to 5pm. Please note that only overnight stay is available after 5pm.

However, actually it is very difficult to stay overnight since it is so popular and rooms are always fully booked. Sometimes they are full for next one month.

Though it become a bit busy around 10am to 11am, usually you don't need to wait more than 10 minutes. It's a best-kept-secret!
●Other things you can do
The best things to do in FIRST CABIN are to take shower, go into the big bath tub and have a nap on a comfortable bed.But don't forget that there are some other things you can do, such as wash your laundry, check the e-mails and more.

LAN cables and conversion plug are available free of charge. Free Wifi is available too. You can make the best of your time by washing your laundry and charge the mobile while you check the e-mails or collect information from the websites.

For further information, please contact the following number
FIRST CABIN: 03-5757-8755
Lastly I'll show you the chart I made to compare SHOWER ROOMS and FIRST CABIN.

Haneda airport has been ranked to be the cleanest airport in the world for 7 years. It is clean, safe and comfortable for tourists. Why not try to take a shower that brings happiness before starting your trip.

Well, that's all for my report from Haneda airport, brought to you by navigator Kato. Thank you for reading and have a nice trip!
Source:Comparison of "SHOWER ROOMS" and "FIRST CABIN"

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