Enjoy Ramen in Haneda

Ramen is one of the top three Japanese cuisine that comes along with Sushi and Tempura, which many people wish to try someday.

Japanese style Ramen originated from Chinese noodles has long history of more than 100 years. There are so many varieties of Ramen with different kinds of soup, noodles and toppings but they can be categorized into some groups.
It might be a surprise for Japanese people that for people overseas Instant noodles usually come to their mind when they think about Ramen. As Ramen shops can be found only in the big cities in the world, many people overseas don't have chances to eat freshly cooked ramen in the shops as we Japanese always do.
Recently many tourists are coming to Japan to enjoy Ramen in budget restaurants which cost you only around 1,000 yen.

In Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport), the main gateway to Japan, you can enjoy varieties of authentic Ramen at shops located in all three terminals.
5 Must-Try Ramen Shops in Haneda Airport
① Setagaya Ramen
-Specialty: Setagaya Ramen / 1,080 yen(including tax)
-Location: Edo Koji (Edo Market Place), International Terminal, 4F
The first shop is Setagaya Ramen located at the 4th Floor of International terminal.

Each person has their own favorite Ramen soup. Some like rich flavor while some like light, just like the difference between the taste of rich flavored crème vichyssoise and light flavored consommé in French cuisine.

Setagaya Ramen's is well-known for its soy sauce based seafood soup stock. By adding animal collagen into the broth made from Niboshi (dried sardines), Katsuobushi ( bonito flakes) and Konbu ( Kelp), they created a special flavor of Setagaya ramen.

Three years old matured soy sauce makes thick and rich flavor soup stock which best matches with medium thick wrinkled noodles.
Their specialty Setagaya ramen comes with all basic toppings including a big slice of chashu (barbecued pork), thick slices of menma (bamboo shoots), flavored boiled egg, seaweed and chopped green onion.
[Basic information]
-Name of the shop: Setagaya Ramen
-Menu items: Soy sauce seafood broth ramen, soy sauce pork bone broth ramen, Salt flavored ramen (Haneda limited)
-Price: 830 yen ~ 1,180 yen (including tax)
-Taste: Rich
-Noodle type: Medium thick
-Toppings: Thick slice of Menma, Chashu, flavored boiled egg
-How to order: Press the desired menu item button (multilingual) at the vending machine to buy food ticket
-Way of payment: Cash, credit card and IC card accepted.
② Nokkegohan & ramen 95
-Specialty: Chuka-soba/Shio (salt flavored ramen) / 890 yen(including tax)
-Terminal Lobby 10, Passenger terminal 2, 3F
The next shop is “ Nokkegohan & ramen 95”.
Their specialty is salt flavored “Chuka-soba/Shio” which has light flavored clear soup seasoned with salt. The delicate Japanese flavor of the broth is made from chicken, kelp and vegetables to make a great harmony along with their specially made chewy noodles.
Ramen is usually topped with chashu made with pork but Chuka-soba here is topped with chashu made with chicken. It has a natural simple flavor making the most of original taste of ingredients.
There are other items such as Chuka-soba/Shoyu (soy sauce flavored ramen) and shrimp wonton noodles. Our recommendation is to have “Aburi chashu gohan”, the chef's specialty, together with ramen if you can. It is a rice bowl topped with homemade chashu seasoned with shoyu-koji (soy sauce rice malt).
*Please note that they only accept Japanese yen in cash.
[Basic information]
-Name of the shop: Nokkegohan & ramen 95
-Menu items: C/huka-soba/Shio, Chuka-soba/Shoyu
-Price: 890 yen ~ 1,240 yen (including tax)
-Noodle type: thin
-Toppings: Chicken chashu, shrimp wonton
-How to order: Touch the screen to select the desired menu item (multilingual) at the vending machine to buy food ticket.
-Way of payment: Pay in cash or with electronic money on the vending machine (credit cards are not accepted)
③ Yukiakari in Blue Sky Dining
-Specialty: Miso ramen with butter and corn / 1,080 yen(including tax)
-Location: Terminal Lobby (South) 10, South wing, Passenger terminal 1, 1F
Following the soy sauce ramen and salt flavored ramen, we would like to introduce miso ramen next.

Some areas in Japan are well-known for their local specialty ramen. Hokkaido is one of the famous areas for ramen-lovers which have second largest number of ramen shops after Tokyo.

As their ramen is made with ingredients freshly delivered from Hokkaido by air, you can enjoy the authentic Sapporo ramen without going to Hokkaido.
Among the option of soy sauce, salt and miso flavor, our recommendation is miso ramen with butter and corn. Mixture of miso and butter brings out the rich and mild flavor of the soup which makes a good harmony with sweet corn. Their yellow noodles are specially customized by Nishiyama Sei-men, the most famous noodle company in Hokkaido. You can enjoy even more rich and authentic flavor by adding soy sauce as you like.
*They have menus written in Chinese and English as well.
[Basic information]
-Name of the shop: Yukiakari in Blue Sky Dining
-Menu items: Miso, salt and soy sauce flavored ramen
-Price: 864 yen ~ 1,080 yen(including tax)
-Taste: Light
-Noodle type: medium thin
-Toppings: Butter, corn, boiled egg
-How to order: Select the item from the menu and order at the table.
-Way of payment: Pay after the meal at the register (cash, credit card and IC card accepted)
④ Haneda Ramen
-Specialty: Tonkotsu shoyu ramen (pork broth soy sauce ramen) / 980 yen(including tax)
-Location: Terrace restaurant south 9, South wing, Passenger terminal 1, 3F
There are various type of soup for Japanese ramen, while this Tonkotsu shoyu ramen comes with milky white soup made from pork broth.

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen has their origin in Kyushu area including some cities well-known for ramen such as Hakata and Nagahama. Haneda Ramen created their own Kyushu style ramen with light flavor getting the idea from those Kyushu local ramen.
Kyushu ramen is topped with red pickled ginger which makes it different from ramen in other areas. Red pickled ginger adds some spicy flavor to the mild taste of this ramen which makes it even more tempting.
[Basic information]
-Name of the shop: Haneda Ramen
-Menu items: Pork broth soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, and miso flavored ramen
-Price: 920 yen ~ 1,150 yen(including tax)
-Taste: light flavor
-Noodle type: thin
-Toppings: Flavored boiled egg
-How to order: Select the item from the menu to buy food ticket at the entrance.
-Way of payment: Pay beforet the meal at the register (cash, credit card and others accepted)

⑤ Gyoza and Tanmen TEN
-Specialty: Tanmen
-Location: Marketplace 11, Passenger terminal 2, 1F
The last shop is“Gyoza and Tanmen TEN”with their special menu item Tanmen. Tanmen is a ramen topped with stir fried vegetables and pork along with salt flavored chicken broth soup. It comes with heap of stir fried toppings but it is not that oily.

You can enjoy the sweet flavor of vegetables and the flat and wrinkled medium thin noodles with the delicious soup well-matched.

You can add various seasonings to the Tanmen as you like. Soy sauce, vinegar, homemade ra-yu (chili oil), black pepper etc. is ready to use on the table, so just try them to make your own favorite Tanmen.
Our recommendation is to enjoy Tanmen and gyoza (dumpling) together. First, add the flavor of black pepper slightly and enjoy the original taste of the soup with vegetables. Next, dip the gyoza into the soy sauce mixed with vinegar and ra-yu to eat. Then, pour that sauce into the Tanmen soup. As the flavor of the sauce and meat juice of gyoza being added, you can enjoy the different taste which will stimulate your appetite.
[Basic information]
-Name of the shop: Gyoza and Tanmen TEN
-Menu items: Salt flavored ramen, soy sauce flavored ramen
-Price: 800 yen ~1,200 yen(including tax)
-Taste: Light
-Noodle type: Medium thin and flat
-Toppings: Vegetables, kara-miso (spicy miso)
-How to order: Select the item from the menu and order at the table
-Way of payment: Pay after the meal at the register (cash and credit card accepted)

◆Free shuttle bus information
Free shuttle bus operates between the three terminals of Haneda airport from 5am to 12am (midnight) for the passengers to transit. Please feel free to take a ride as needed.

<Required time between the terminals>
International terminal to domestic passenger terminal 2: approximately 7 minutes
International terminal to domestic passenger terminal 1: approximately 10 minutes
Domestic passenger terminal 1 to domestic passenger terminal 2: approximately 3minutes
Domestic passenger terminal 1 to International terminal: approximately 5 minutes
Domestic passenger terminal 2 to International terminal: approximately 8 minutes

We wish you fully enjoy various Japanese ramen at selected shops in Haneda airport!