How to Transfer from Haneda International Terminal to the Domestic Terminals

These years, Deep Travel has become increasingly popular, leading to a decrease in tourism in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka that can’t offer a personalized travel experience. On the other hand, smaller cities around Japan are growing as tourist spots. Since there are no international flights to these small cities, many tourists first arrive in Haneda Airport, which has many international flights, then take a domestic flight or other means of transportation to smaller cities. There are many airline companies that offer discounts for combined international and domestic transfer tickets, an option that may be cheaper and more comfortable than going by bullet train or highway bus.

There is no need to worry about things like whether it is difficult to transfer at Haneda Airport or layover times... we will explain everything here. Transfer at Haneda Airport is not hard at all!
You can take the free shuttle bus to transfer from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminals
At Haneda Airport, there are three terminals: Domestic Terminal 1, Domestic Terminal 2 and the International Terminal. Normally, tourists coming from abroad arrive at the International Terminal. Even if you are transferring to a domestic flight, you must first follow the same path as passengers going to Tokyo by passing through customs and exiting the arrival gate. After you've exited the arrival gate, you will see the information sign on your right showing the way to free shuttle buses headed to the domestic terminals.
Follow the sign straight ahead for about 20 meters and you will see an escalator that leads to the bus stops and to the first floor. Keep following the signs and you will come to the bus stops.
The free shuttle bus is at bus stop 0. The route is from the International Terminal - Domestic Terminal 2 -Domestic Terminal 1.

*The bus runs every four minutes.
*It takes about 7 minutes from the International Terminal to Domestic Terminal 2.
*It takes about 10 minutes from the International Terminal to Domestic Terminal 1.
From which of the two domestic terminals your flight departs differs depending on the airline, so be sure to check which domestic terminal you should go to transfer.

For more information about the terminals please visit the Haneda Airport website.
Other means of transportation: taking the train
Both Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Line offer free train tickets for tourists transferring from the international terminal to the domestic terminals. After exiting the arrival gate, you will see an information desk where you show your passport and flight ticket to get a free train ticket. If you’re taking the monorail, there are different stops for each domestic terminal. The first stop is for Domestic Terminal 1 and the next stop is for Domestic Terminal 2, so be careful not to get off at the wrong one. If you take the Keikyu Line, there will be only one stop for the two domestic terminals, with different exits for each terminal, so be sure to check which exit you should head for.
If you happen to go to the wrong terminal, don’t panic!
There is a free shuttle bus connecting Domestic Terminal 1 and Domestic Terminal 2. The bus stop for Domestic Terminal 1 is bus stop 8 and for Domestic Terminal 2, bus stop 9. If you find yourself in the wrong terminal, head to the bus stop and get on the shuttle bus. Here, one thing you have to be careful about is the two different kinds of shuttle buses. One is green and runs between Domestic Terminal 1, Domestic Terminal 2 and the International Terminal. The other one is white and runs between Domestic Terminal 1 and Domestic Terminal 2.
The international terminal is not far from the domestic terminals. There is an underground passage to connect the terminals which takes you only 5 minutes to walk. The way to this passage may be somewhat hard to find, but if you follow the sign at the Keikyu Line, you will be able to find it with ease!
This is the entrance to Keikyu Line at the International Terminal. Next to the sign showing the way to the Keikyu Line is a sign that shows the way to the passage leading to Terminal 2. Follow the sign and take the escalator to the B1 floor, where you will find a passageway to the right of the Keikyu Line ticket gates.
This is the passage that leads to Domestic Terminal 1 and Domestic Terminal 2. It’s about 400 meters and has a moving walkway installed, so it will not take more than 5 minutes to get to the terminals. Once you arrive at the terminals , look for the airline you are transferring to and check-in at the check-in counter!
How to transfer from Haneda Airport to Narita International Airport.
Actually, we do not recommend you to transfer from Haneda Airport to Narita Airport since the two airports are very far apart. But even if you have bought a ticket with a transfer at Narita International Airport, don’t worry! Although it is far, there are many convenient ways to get between the two airports. Just be sure to leave a lot of time for this kind of transfer.

When transferring between Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport, there are two main modes of transportation: the Keikyu Line and airport bus.
Keikyu Line
Take Keikyu Airport Line Limited Express from Haneda to Narita for a direct ride that takes about one hour forty minutes. The adult ticket is 1,760 yen. If the destination sign says “Narita International Airport” plus an airplane symbol, don't worry - it will go to Narita without a train change, although it might take longer. Also, since Narita International Airport is the final stop, you won’t need to worry about missing your stop.
Airport Bus
The bus from Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport leaves every 30 minutes from stop 5. The adult ticket is 3,100 yen and it takes about 65 to 80 minutes to get to Narita International Airport. However, since there might be traffic delays, we highly suggest that you make sure to have plenty of time before your flight's departure.